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Newburyport Youth Football and Cheerleading League


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  Are soccer cleats alright, or does my child need football cleats.

A:  Football cleats are recommended but for 3rd and 4th graders, soccers cleats would be ok.  Grades 5-8 should wear football cleats.


Q:  What team is my child on?

A:  Right now, for purposes of equipment pick up and the first practices, kids are grouped by grade.  Later on, coaches will put together the final rosters for each team.  For a description of the different teams, see our Football Team Structure page.  For information on each team, including coaches and practice schedule, see the different Football Team pages, accessible from the Top Menu Bar.


Q:  How often are practices?

A:  Before school starts, about the last two weeks of the summer, practice is everyday, M-F.  Once school starts, practices are typically 2-4 times a week.


Q:  When are games?

A:  Games are either Saturdays or Sundays.  JV teams usually play on Saturday and A and C usually play on Sunday.  D Teams will likely play home games on Saturdays and away games on Sundays.


Q:  What equipment do I need to buy?

A:  All equipment needed to play is provided except for cleats.  Some people to do purchase items such as mouthguards, girdles, or shoulder pads, but they are all provided by the league and are not necessary to purchase.


Q:  When do the kids get their equipment?

A:  During the first or second week of August, the coaches will set up a time for equipment pick up, which will include helmets, uniforms, and pads.  (See upcoming events for equipment pick up schedule)

Q:  How are league fees used?

A:  In order to organize, create, promote, foster and sustain the NYFL, player fees are as competitive as possible.  They may increase from time to time. This year (2017), the board decided on a small increase in registration cost so that the 8th grade athletes would be able to keep their jerseys at the end of the season.  The jerseys will have the players name on the back.  A small memento for the athletes and a reminder of their dedication to the league, their teammates, and our city.  

The remaining budget from registration is mainly utilized purchasing and re-certifying the equipment we own to keep the kids safe. Having the proper equipment, in many cases, is the difference in making the game of football not only safe but fun. Equipment expenses do not end after the original purchase. In order to maintain safe gear, NYFL must follow a replacement and recertification process at a considerable expense each season. The cost of protecting our athletes on the field is immeasurable.

If you ever have specific questions, the board can provide you with a copy of the league financials.